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    Special Orders & Event Catering

    Ready to bring the bussin’ vibes to your next event or have a special order in mind? Whether you’re planning a big bash or need custom Bussin’ Bunz, we’ve got you covered! Call us or send an email, and let’s make your event as vibrant and unforgettable as our food bus.

    Media Inquiries

    For all press-related questions, to get more scoop on our story, or to feature That’s Bussin’ in your next piece, our inbox is open! We love to share our journey and talk about our dynamic menu and innovative concept.

    📞 Phone: 901-464-2833
    📧 Email: [email protected]
    ⏰ Contact Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM CST

    Reach out today and let’s make some magic happen! Whether it’s lighting up your special occasion with our festive fare or discussing the vibrant legacy of That’s Bussin’, we’re here to help and serve up a slice of delight. 🌟

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